Connect with your Fairies

Winter is ending and Spring is almost here. The world is waking up after a long hibernation period. The days will be getting longer which means more sunshine each and every day! As the world is awakening from its sleep, so is the elemental realm. The fairies will be helping our flowers to blossom, our trees to bloom and the birds to sing again. To honor their magical presence, keep fresh flowers in your home.You can also plant a garden and dedicate it to them. Be sure to include lots of small, shiny things like crystals or sparkles! They also enjoy music! Hanging chimes in the tree in your yard would be a perfect gift to your fairy friends. When you notice your flowers blooming, fruit growing on your trees or your keys magically appearing when you think you’ve lost them, you can thank your fairies by setting out pieces of chocolate or little drops of honey or nectar. They love sweet things and they especially enjoy your love and attention!
With love and magical wishes,
Vanessa Lamorte


Many of us have love on our minds when February rolls around because of Valentine’s Day. During this time of year, our society has a tendency to focus on the short-lived, “roses and chocolates” propaganda.
While making sure your significant other knows you love them is important, I think it is imperative to focus on expanding universal love. Taking a moment to reflect upon your blessings will show you what really matters to you. I am thankful for all of my friends and family, the knowledge that is flowing to me everyday and for the simple fact that I can go outdoors and enjoy peace. As love is the life force of all beings, let us collectively make EVERY DAY a cosmic, love fest! Why is it that we celebrate love only one day a year anyway?
Vanessa Lamorte